Dish: Real Chinese Food

2016, performance/site specific installation/social practice

The project is a site specific project, a response to the Open Call Guerilla Performance Festival: Lunch Series, which happen in Rittenhouse Square and John F. Collins Park the week of June 20th - June 24th, from noon - 2pm, which both are lunchtime spot favorites for center Philadelphia workers.

The project was performed in Rittenhouse Square during the entire run of the festival. This piece is performance, site response, and social practice all rolled into one - I pushed a food cart and offer real homemade Chinese dishes to anyone who's willing to eat it. Each day I offered a different appetizer and main dish for free, enticing people to try dishes that are rarely offered in Chinese restaurants, to give people a taste of what we eat at home.

I think back my youth in Taiwan where mobile food vendors have their own unique call for their goods as they travel down the streets, and how the food were always small dishes, but intimate and heartwarming.

This piece was made possible with the help of the following interns: Carson Bohlen, Sophia Kim, and MaryRose Zuppo. Photos by Trent Zarli.

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